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The latest in ergonomic design and technology at your fingertips. The E3 features a “D” shaped steering wheel for added comfort and control, a customisable digital dashboard and 10.25” floating touch screen with inbuilt GPS Navigation.

The power-folding side-view mirrors can be folded inward to decrease the size of your car. This feature should be used to help you fit your car into tight spaces, or as a safety feature when driving through an automatic car wash, or parking on a busy street.

The customisable Digital dashboard allows the driver to change the visual style and amount of information displayed as well as making maps more prominent when needed..

10.25- Inch Floating Screen showing  360-degree panoramic parking display, eliminating blind spots while improving safety by showing all potential hazards all around the vehicle while in motion.

The rising transmission selector is both practical and convenient. Allowing for simple gear selection as well as a visual aid showing that the E3 is ready to go.

The E3 is fitted with the latest liquid-cooled, Ternary Lithium Ion Battery technology, providing a greater range of temperature resistance, high energy density, reduced weight, excellent cycle efficiency and safety assurance. The Ternary Lithium Ion Battery has all-round better performance when compared with a traditional Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery system.

Stylish 18’” Alloy wheels fitted with 225/55 Tyres

Full-length panoramic sunroof and leather-trimmed interior.

Normal/ECO/ Sport, selectable drive modes.

The forward collision warning (FCW) system is an advanced safety technology that monitors a vehicle’s speed, the speed of the vehicle in front of it, and the distance between the vehicles. If vehicles get too close due to the speed of the rear vehicle, the FCW system will warn that driver of an impending crash.

Developed to combat fatigue and driver distraction, Lane Departure Warning (LDW) is a camera-based system that monitors a vehicle’s position within its lane by ‘watching’ the line-markings.

If the system detects the vehicle wandering towards the edge of its lane, it triggers a warning to get the driver to intervene and put it back on the right path.

Hill Descent Control ( HDC) System helps keep you at a steady speed when driving down an incline.

The Hill-Hold Control (HHC) allows for smooth take-off while on an incline without the risk of unwanted rolling backwards or using the handbrake.

In case of a flat tyre, a temporary use spare tyre is supplied as standard.

Daytime running lights (DRL) switch on automatically when the engine starts to increase the visibility of the vehicle to other road users in daylight.

Fast Charging 30 minutes
AC Slow Charge 8 hours
(15 Amp)


ARRIVING Early 2021



Frequently Asked Questions


EV-A are pleased to offer prospective purchasers the opportunity to place a NO DEPOSIT /NO OBLIGATION pre-order for your vehicle of choice.


We know that you are seriously interested in an all-electric vehicle. For that reason, until we have finalised vehicle features, specifications, price, warranty, service and sales locations, there is no requirement for a deposit or obligation to complete your pre-order.

We are almost ready to begin production, but before we start, there are regulatory processes and requirements to be completed. These involve finalising the specifications for Australian conditions and conducting the Australian Design Rule (ADR) Homologation* as well as crash testing of the vehicles.

* Homologation is the process of certifying that a particular car is roadworthy and matches specified criteria laid out by the government for all vehicles made or imported into that country. For more information, see the PDF below.

Once all the regulatory requirements have been completed, then we can tell you precisely what the vehicles features and specifications will include. Until then, we won’t ask for any deposit or obligation to finalise your pre-order.
As a guide for pricing, we expect the EV-A E3 SUV to retail in the early-mid $60,000 price range including GST excluding on-road costs and Stamp Duty relevant to your State.

The EV-A EC11 cargo van will be in the mid $90,000 price range including GST, excluding on-road costs and Stamp Duty relevant to your State.


EV-A need your feedback! We want you to tell us if you are looking for any specific features, not currently listed in our product description.

You have already told us of a few features that are important to you. With this information, we might even be able to include some additional features in a potential launch model.

Equally important is colour. We want to know what’s popular so that we can minimise delays in supplying your first colour choice.

So make sure to leave details of additional features or requests in the comments section of the pre-order form.


When EV-A have production ready to go, we will then ask you to confirm if you wish to proceed with your pre-order. All customers deciding to proceed will then will be asked to provide a holding deposit for their order. Full purchasing Terms & Conditions will be provided at this time.


Before such time that we have personally discussed, booked in and confirmed a firm handover date for your new vehicle with you. You may cancel your order without penalty, and you will receive a full refund of your associated deposit.

Orders cancelled after a firm handover date has been booked in and confirmed, will see their full deposit forfeited plus, in addition, any other unrecoverable costs. For example, but not limited to Transportation costs, registration processing fees and other associated expenses paid in advance to 3rd parties.

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