Frequently Asked Questions

What's In It For Us?

EV-A need your feedback! We want you to tell us if you are looking for any specific features, not currently listed in our product description.

You have already told us of a few features that are important to you. With this information, we might even be able to include some additional features in a potential launch model.

Equally important is colour. We want to know what’s popular so that we can minimise delays in supplying your first colour choice.

So make sure to leave details of additional features or requests in the comments section of the pre-order form.

What Happens Next?

When EV-A have production ready to go, we will then ask you to confirm if you wish to proceed with your pre-order. All customers deciding to proceed will then will be asked to provide a holding deposit for their order. Full purchasing Terms & Conditions will be provided at this time.