Frequently Asked Questions

What Happens Next after I place my order?

After receiving your order, we will confirm the pricing, which includes ORC based on your location. Additionally, we will discuss the delivery options that are available to you. At this point, we will provide you with the complete set of purchasing Terms & Conditions. Rest assured that your order will be covered by our guarantee, which ensures that your order deposit is 100% fully refundable until the time that bookings have been made to deliver your new vehicle.

How does a "No Deposit" pre-order work?

We will soon open the portal for "No Deposit Pre-Orders" when new models are set to be released. This means that you can place an order for your preferred vehicle specification without any deposit required. Once production is confirmed and pricing is finalized, we will contact you directly to confirm your order. If you decide to proceed at that time, we will take a deposit to secure your vehicle. You can rest assured that your order is covered by our guarantee, which allows you to receive a full refund of your deposit until the time that bookings are made to deliver your new vehicle.

When EV-A have production ready to go, after we receive your order we will confirm pricing based on your location and delivery options available. Full purchasing Terms & Conditions will be provided at this time.

Why are On Road Costs not shown with the price?

Each state and territory has its own set of fees for vehicle registration, which vary depending on the purpose of use, whether it's for private or business use. These fees are mandatory and imposed by the government to ensure that the vehicle is permitted to be driven on public roads. Once we have your details, we will inform you of the applicable charges and add them to your order at cost. If you decide not to proceed, you can be assured that our guarantee covers your order and you can receive a full refund of your deposit until the time of delivery booking for your new vehicle.

What is a dealer delivery fee?

All of our vehicles can be collected from our capital city depots in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth with no delivery fee applicable. For all other locations the cost of transport from those depots to your location can be arranged at an additional fee.