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An Elecric Van for every day

Customer experience is still defined by flexibility, delivery speed, and efficiency. The EC11 E-CARGO model offers the perfect solution with its Electric Vehicle capabilities. It is both eco-friendly and cost-effective, making it an ideal choice for completing tasks quickly and consistently. Its owners can enjoy the benefits of swift and efficient operations while also saving on costs.

EV Automotive


Electric Van

The E-Cargo is amongst the most flexible commercial electric vans in Australia, offering numerous recharging options and the largest capacities. With a fixed steel bulkhead, checker plate cargo floor, and twin swing doors that open a full 270 degrees, the E-Cargo optimizes space and practicality.

Battery, Recharging & Range

Equipped with a 73.6 kWh battery, CCS Type 2 charging and a 22kw capacity AC onboard charger. The EC11 promises to offer the most flexible recharging options to operators. A range of between 200- 300km (based on load) offers sufficient route coverage for daily use.

EV Automotive

Driving the future of commercial vans

With customer experience now defined by convenience, delivery speed, and efficiency, businesses are turning to Electric Vehicles to handle their last-mile operations. The EC11 range is particularly well-suited to this task due to their eco-friendliness, reliability, and cost-saving benefits for operators.The EC11 is a purpose fit Electric Vehicle for Businesses.

EV Automotive

Is it ideal for your business?

The transportation industry plays a crucial role in logistics, but it also contributes to high carbon emissions in the supply chain process. To address this issue, supply chain companies can opt for an EC11 E-CARGO Electric Vehicle for last-mile services. This switch can result in a significant reduction in carbon emissions and fuel costs. Moreover, the EC11 requires fewer moving parts and consumables compared to traditional vehicles, which can lead to long-term maintenance cost savings.


The EC11 vehicle is designed for effortless loading and unloading. It features a passenger-side sliding door and dual folding doors at the rear that can open up to 270 degrees, along with a rear step.

EV Automotive 1.

Dual Rear Doors opening to 270 Degrees and rear step allow for easy access when loading and unloading.

EV Automotive 2.

Standard 16” Alloy wheels with Full-Size Alloy spare wheel allowing for Tyre rotation if desired.

EV Automotive 3.

The multi-function instrument cluster provides clearly structured, easy to read data.

EV Automotive 4.

Height adjustable seat belts, Multi position drivers arm rest, cloth seats, Tilt adjustable steering wheel all make for a comfortable driving experience.

EV Automotive 5.

Stereo controls on the Steering wheel.

EV Automotive 6.

Combined reversing camera and live streaming  vision to the rear vision mirror.

EV Automotive 7.

5 x cup and bottle holders. Plus multiple built in storage compartments.

EV Automotive 8.

Adjustable arm rests for both driver and passenger seats.


EV Automotive
EV Automotive
EV Automotive

Optional Anchor Points

EV Automotive

EC11 E-Cargo Specifications

Performance & Power Systems
Dimensions (mm) 6030L x 2410W x 2715H
Wheelbase (mm) 3665
Seating Capacity 2 Seat STD or 3 Seat Option
Curb weight 2790 kg
Gross Vehicle Mass 4490kg
Max speed 120 km/h
Rated payload 1700kg
Front/Rear overhang 640/1010mm
Approach/departure angles 21/17 degrees
Axel load Front - 2230 | Rear - 2260 kg
Wheel track 1720/1716 mm
Tyres 215/75R16C 12RP
Alloy wheels x 5 ( including Full-size Spare wheel)
Chassis structure Unibody
Battery type Lithium-ion battery, Liquid Cooled
Battery capacity 73.6KWH
Charging time 2.0 hour (Fast Charge) 12-13h AC Slow
Charging socket CCS Type 2
AC On-Board Charger 22kW
Range(KM) 220-305KM Dependant on Load
Rated Peak Power (kW) 60/100
Rated Peak Torque (N.m) 350/750
Driving mode Front - Mounted , Rear - Drive
Transmission CVT
Steering system Electric Hydraulic power assisted
Brake system Front disc/rear drum, ABS+EBD, Initiative vacuum booster
Front suspension Horizontal Spring Loaded Independent suspension
Rear suspension Vertical 3 Plate Reed non-independent suspension
Safety ABS,EBD, Dual Airbags, Live Stream Rear Vision mirror, front and rear dash cameras
Interior Sun Visors, Cup and bottle holders, Steel Sealed Bulkhead, Checker plate cargo floor
Exterior/Anti-theft Sliding Side Door, 270° Opening Rear Cargo Door Remote control central locking
Seats Fabric seats
Multimedia Radio with USB
Glass/Rear-view Mirror Front door electric power windows. Electric rear view mirrors with indicators
Assistant Equipment Parking Aids- Reverse Sensors, Reverse Cameras x 2, convex side mirrors
A/C Cooling system, PTC heating system, Defroster
Tools Vehicle Kit, Jack
Drive Motor Permanent Magnet Sychronous Motor
Rated Peak Power (kW) 60 / 100
Rated Peak Torque (N.m) 350 / 750
Rated Power Rotational Speed (rpm) 1640 / 4200
Rear Axel Ratio 4.875
Max Gradeability (%) 20%
Acceration 0-60km/h 10 Seconds
Battery Type Lithiun-ion
Battery Cooling method Liquid Cooled
Single Cell Type LF230
Regenerative Braking System Yes
On Board Charger (OBC) 22kw
Charging System CCS Type 2
Rated Voltage of the battery (V) 320
Working Voltage Range (V) 250 - 365
Battery Capacity (Ah) 230
Total Capacity (kWh) 73.6
Weight Of Battery (kg) 618 +/-18
AC Slow Charging (32A) 4 - 5h
DC Fast Charging (60kW) 2h