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Embrace a New Era of Driving Excellence!

At Community Transport Central Coast Limited we're not just launching a trial of a new Van; we're revolutionising how our staff and customers experience the road. Introducing the EC11 Electric Van that combines innovation and sustainability.

We are excited to carry out this trial on the EV Van, a special note of thanks to EV Automotive PTY LTD, Mr Peter Benardos, GM Sales and David Potter Managing Director, who has provided this opportunity to us.

Matt Healey, Operations Manager at CTCCL said, my team and I are keen to trial this EV Van and seek feedback from our drivers and customers.

Jason Aquilina CEO of CTCCL, added, this is an important strategic priority for our organisation, I am looking forward to the feedback from our staff and valuable customers on the use of this EV Van. This trial lets CTCCL reshape its future as we strive to achieve the CTCCL Board of Directors' Strategic ambition to go Green and to achieve the following attributes.

Zero Emissions: We want to drive guilt-free with zero tailpipe emissions, contributing to a cleaner, greener planet.

Cutting-Edge Technology: We want to experience the latest electric vehicle innovation with the trial of battery technology coupled with renewable energy supply, to deliver an impressive range on a single charge.

Efficiency Redefined: CTCCL to Say goodbye to traditional fuel constraints.

Fast Charging: Recharge on the go with fast-charging infrastructure, ensuring we spend more time driving and less time waiting.

Smart Connectivity: Seamlessly integrate our experience on the road with intuitive connectivity features, making every journey a connected experience back into our CRM.

Environmental Stewardship: Taking the lead in reducing our carbon footprint without compromising on style or performance.

Safety First: Our customer's safety and well-being is our priority. We want to assure our customers and staff that these trials allow us to take advantage of packed-in safety features, ensuring a secure and protected ride for you and your loved ones.

Charging the Future, Today!

CTCCL wants to “Be Part of the EV Revolution!”

If you see the vehicle throughout the Central Coast of NSW, please take a picture and tag us on your social media @ Community Transport Central Coast Limited.